Equestrian English 'Saddles Children'
The style of 'English saddles for Children' you purchase should be determined by the Equestrian discipline. English ... Children's saddle sizes are from 12” – 16”.For the smallest children, saddles are available in the 7 inch to 12 inch range. Equestrian English 'Child's Saddle' size is usually determined by the length of a child's upper leg, ...

English "Saddles" - All Purpose -Caramel

English Saddles "All Purpose" -Caramel

Equestrian Saddle "All Purpose" -Caramel

Tolga's all purpose English saddle has traditional styling with a comfortable deep seat is great for the flat and with the flaps cut forward, its great for a rider whom occasionally wants to jump. Smooth Calf lined, with grain flap, concealed knee rolls and gusseted flocked panels.  Provides excellent balance, and comfort to rider, perfect for all types of riding.