Kingsland Equestrian Clothing

Kingsland Equestrian was born from a desire to produce the highest quality, best cut and most stylish performance clothes on the market and by the early 20th century Kingsland had achieved its primary objective. Dag Ove, a top rider on the Norwegian national equestrian team, and his wife Lin began to establish a new brand in the sport they both loved.
Today, Kingsland has grown to become one of the worldwide top five brands in the equestrian clothing market.
Kingsland is being bought to you by HorseSmart International Tack & Apparel who are proud to be able to present this fine equestrian apparel to the market. Kingsland is worn by Top riders around the world and praised for its beautiful material, the comfort and durability and the overall design features making it a standout product.

Importing the top quality Kingsland Equestrian products has lived up to our expectations with their exceptional popularity.

We trust that you will enjoy riding in Kingsland.