Equestrian Ear Nets/Plugs
Pomms brand equestrian ear plugs, sold in pairs, designed to allow horses to hear but reduces distracting and loud noises.

Washable, re-usable, comfortable design, discreet and durable.

Finally, Fly Masks that stay on, are easy for the horse to see out of, and are as comfortable as they are protective. Whether you’d like to see your horse enjoy his turnout time for more than 10 minutes before he is pacing back and forth in front of the gate, or you are ready to stop that incessant insect-induced head-tossing, these Fly Masks are the answer!


Equestrian Ear Plugs

Equestrian Ear Plugs

Equestrian Ear Plugs

Fly Veil

Fly Veils Made of 100 % cotton with lycra ears

Fly Veils in an elegant rope design. The high elastic ear protection made of elasthane adapts perfectly to the ears and therefore offers optimal wearing comfort.