Horse Shipping Boots
Horse Shipping Boots to protect our beloved Equines while traveling.

A shipping boot, or shipping wrap, is a type of stable bandage or boot used on the lower legs of a horse to protect the animal while traveling in a horse trailer.


Horse Shipping Boots Navy

Travel Horse Shipping Boots Navy

H.S.I's Fleece-Lined Horse Shipping Boots offer complete protection for hocks, knees, pasterns and coronary bands. Extremely durable and protective shipping boots for an affordable price. Rip-stop nylon lining repels shavings and dirt. Wide straps for non-slip fit and easy on/off. Scuff plate at bottom to provide extra protection. Machine wash.

Horse Shipping Boots 'Baker' Check

Travel Horse Shipping Boots 'Baker' Check

H.S.I's 'Baker' Check Horse Shipping Boots protects knees, hocks, fetlocks, pasterns and coronary bands. Fun plaid pattern makes these shipping boots just as attractive as they are safe.
The H.S.I shipping boot is stylishly updated and matches H.S.I's turnout 'Baker' Sheet.  All-over protection, easy-on wide straps and rip-stop lining.