Horse Fly Sheets

HorseSmart Equestrian Tack has a variety of affordable 'horse fly masks' & fly boots and 'Horse Fly Sheets' can protect your horse from flies and other insects.'Horse fly sheets', 'fly masks', and fly wraps are a valuable addition to your horse clothing wardrobe. Keep the flies off your horse with a fly sheet is imperative.

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Horse Fly Sheets 'Bucas' Buzz Off Classic

The Bucas Buzz Off Classic Fly Sheet is an insect and UV protective sheet made of specially developed lightweight fine mesh fabric.
This mesh blocks even the smallest of insects and reduces the effects of ultraviolet radiation

Light Weight Mesh Show Horse Sheet-White or Navy

Light Weight Mesh Horse Show Sheet-White or Navy

Horse Sheets Scrim for Flies Navy or White

Horse Scrim Fly Sheet Navy or White

This Horse Scrim Sheet provides light mesh protection against dust and flies. Keeps your horse clean at shows while you are waiting ringside.  This Scrim Sheet keeps those pesky flies and other insects off your horse and provides protection against 70% of the harmful UV ray that fade and damage the coat. It stands up to turnout conditions very well. The cool open weave mesh allows airflow to keep the horses cool and comfortable