Custom Tails are 100% horse hair. We also offer Natural Look tail extensions,Natural Loop tail extension, and weighted tail extensions











Custom Tails are 100% horse hair. The construction procedure has eliminated the bulk at the top of the tail extension for a very streamline look. We also offer Natural Look tail extensions, Natural Loop tail extensions, and weighted tail extensions. Our tail extensions are available in ½ pound increments - from ½ pound all the way up to 2 pounds - and range in length from 30 inches to 43 inches, with additional lengths available through special order. Our tail extensions are available with blunt or tapered end bottoms for the look that best fits your horse. All tails are made by hand with high expectations. All tails are glued from the inside out with the highest quality materials. All tails are 100% natural horse hair and are legal in all breed associations which allow "hair on hair" attachment methods.