Deniro Equestrian Leonardo Ride & Fly Sole Nano Rubber Grip, Moto Flex Elastic Riding

Leonardo Ride & Fly Sole, Nano Rubber Grip, Moto - Flex The Worlds Best Equestrian Riding Boot
.First boots in the world with Nanotechnology applied to the material

A total benefit in terms of grip on the saddle and an increase in the stability of the leg due to the special insert in the inner side of the boot, made of a mixture of NANO-Rubber with a high gripping co-efficient. Ride & Fly sole system is the result of the most advanced technological research giving it a unique lightness, durability, complete comfort, totally anti-slip non toxic material and an efficient shock absorber action.

The lightweight is aprox 70% lighter than other soles, although its performanace is 200% superior in terms of grip, adherence to the stirrup, lightness and anti-traumatic action.

The front fastening on the instep area cover, is a special insert of elastic leather., ensuring a natural anatomic curve of the foot during movement.  The boots afre fitted with reflecting pipings which signal the presence of the rider when weather conditions are bad. WRAT Water Resistant advanced treatment bonded to the leathert during tannage to form a protective barrier, will last the entire life of the boots. 12 Nano holes to regulate the natural and hygenic feet perspiration, letting sweat out in the form of water vapour.

Black Grain Calfskin WRAT Leather, inner leg patch in Nano Rubber Grip,rear zipper&Spur Studs,bottom zip guard,Moto-Flex Elastic Calfskin leather on foot arch allows full flexion of the ankle and of foot,flat refelcting grey pipings, Ride&Fly sole