'Tolga's" Equestrian English- Bridles with Reins Dressage Equestrian Double-Bridle "Comfort" FULL -Black Brass Buckle

Tolga Equestrian Double-Dressage Bridle "Comfort" FULL -Black Brass Buckle

Tolga Equestrian Double-Bridle "Comfort" FULL -Black Brass Buckle

Tolga's 'Comfort' Double Dressage Bridle is made with an anatomic headpiece, removing all pressures from behind the ears, with calf padding on crown piece, nose-band, brow-band, and buckle guard at chin this provides extra comfort to your horse. The Double Raised Dressage Bridle is to be used with two bits and Includes two sets of reins. More suitable for the advance dressage rider.

4 Reins
Brass Buckles,Studs
Color: Black
Size: FULL